By Rasmus Landgreen, designer @Issuu @Podio. By the way, we're hiring.

New office, new view. It has a nice take-over-the-world feel to it.

Design review in the sun. 

No, the kleenex is not for hurt designers, Joy have some issues with the danish summer. It’s a cold, but it’s not. It’s really confusing.

After Effects night at Podio. Learning some real tricks from Timkl.

Creative people. Pfft.

A night out with the best of folks.
A night out with the best of folks.
A night out with the best of folks.

A night out with the best of folks.

I pray they have equally cool twins at Podio. Last day at Issuu tomorrow. Crazy.

Issuu you old skank. I missed you.

My main man Matt just made sure we now look twice as nice on Twitter using the nifty Twitter Cards.

Amateur Magazine digs it too.


The new issue of Open Skies, the award-winning in-flight magazine of Emirates, contains a column I wrote about the rise of the independent publishing market. You can find it on page 62–63.

Dan Rowden (, wrote an excellent piece on independent publishers and how digital is a good thing for the publishing industry. It’s really good. You’ll find the article here. Or browse to page 62 if you roll like that.

Real stack. Fake stacks.

Field - The Match Day Paper. Brought to me stuffed in the bottom of a bag all the way from Emirates Stadium to my desk at Issuu. That’s how we roll at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution.

Timelapsed my screen at the office. Not a bad idea I think. Makes you use broader strokes. A whole lot of stealing going on :)